Anthocyanins are vibrant natural plant pigments responsible for a wide range of colours in many flowers, fruit, and vegetables. As part of the human diet, they have been linked to health benefits and protection against the most prevalent chronic diseases. Anthocyanins are becoming increasingly popular in skincare products due to their role in UV protection and antioxidant activity.

We have developed tomato varieties producing fruit with different colours, from orange/red to purple/blue, that mimic the classes of anthocyanins found in natural berries.

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Flavonols are common dietary phenolic compounds present, generally at low concentrations, in many fruit and vegetables including onions and apples. Flavonols are potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances. Kaempferol has been identified as a safe and effective chemopreventive agent against UV-induced skin cancer.


Isoflavones are a group of phenolic compounds found only in legumes. Many of the beneficial effects of isoflavones are attributed to their estrogenic activity. They are very interesting compounds for cosmetic formulations, and they function as natural phytohormones to slow down the aging process of the skin, particularly in postmenopausal women.


Resveratrol and related stilbenoids are bioactive compounds with many beneficial effects on human health. They are produced - only in trace amounts - by a limited number of plant species, particularly grape. Because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, resveratrol is an important ingredient in many skin care products. Resveratrol attenuates skin hyperpigmentation and has potential for the treatment of acne.


L-dopa (levodopa) is the precursor of dopamine and the most effective pharmacological treatment for Parkinson's disease. L-dopa has a positive impact on stress, anxiety, and libido. Preliminary studies indicate beneficial effects against several skin diseases.


Anthocyanins are natural plant pigments that protect fruits, flowers and young leaves against UV irradiation and other stresses. Topical and dietary uses of anthocyanins have significant effects on human skin. Published data from our laboratory indicate that the unique combination of anthocyanins, resveratrol and flavonols in Bronze tomato provides synergistic anti-inflammatory activity and causes beneficial changes in the composition of the gut microbiota.

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